New Year And cab Booking

New Year and Cab Booking? 6 Tips to Get Home Safe!

So, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and all your plans are ready. But on a night out, it’s always wise to pre-book a taxi during this festive season. After all, it’s the busiest night for cabs of the year. That’s why New Year and cab booking sound synonymous but are barely possible to get unless you have pre-booked it.

And since getting a cab seems like a challenge, we are here to help you with some amazing tips so you can book the right taxi quickly and get home safely! Let’s get started:

Pre-book your cab at least ahead:

Since New Year’s eve is the busiest cab night of the year, you may get one instantly. Yet, it’s better to pre-book it at least three to four hours ahead of your plan to step out for your event. Thus, you may have the option to look for other transportation options to reach your destination if you don’t get a cab, unfortunately!

Provide the right number of heads:

Suppose you are travelling with a group for a night out on New Year’s Eve. And if you get a cab, give accurate details about the number of passengers. The more exactly you can say how many people you are in the group to travel together, the better vehicle type the taxi company can send that fits your accommodation needs.

Give the Exact Address:

Do you know where you are, like the address of your home, the destination of the New Year’s Eve party or for clubbing? Providing the exact address will help the drivers reach you faster. So, before booking a cab, always double-check your address. But do it manually, as the GPS locator can’t catch the right directions every time!

Use the closest cab stand as the landmark:

Providing the landmark while mentioning the address is the best way to direct the chauffeurs on the right route to your destination. And if you see nothing around worth mentioning as a landmark, refer to the nearest cab stand to help the drivers find you quickly.

Be courteous and patient:

Since the demand for cab service remains quite high on New Year’s eve, your wait times to get a taxi may be longer than expected. So, try to have patience while talking to the drivers. Yelling at them may even make you lose the chance of getting a cab!

Ensure you’re in the right cab:

Well, you’re not the only one in your location booking a cab for the New Year’s Eve ride. There may be even ten more like you!

So, while sitting in a cab coming closer to your doorstep, don’t just jump into it! It may not be yours, but your neighbours’ or someone else’s at the party. To avoid this mistake, check the message on your phone first to ensure the cab number and driver’s name before you get in.

Hopefully, you understand what to do and how to pre-book a cab on New Year! Now, if you need one, just call us, and our drivers will be at your place on time.

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